When you get the Daruma, view the doll as yourself and swear for personal growth.
The winning Daruma doll is not just to make your dreams come true.
It's for you to swear to "strive with every effort of performing in your life, and face up to yourself to achieve your goals for the year".
There is a soul in the Daruma doll which you received, and it will be become one with your soul.
It will also watch over you, and see that you will continue towards your goals.
When you beat your weakness and feel your own growth, you will be thankfull to the Daruma doll and bring it back to Katsuo-ji Temple.

you do is
to “win”

How to paint in
an eye

Originally, the Daruma doll's eyes are white. Painting in eyes means "making a prayer".

1.Choose your Daruma doll

Choose a Daruma doll to which you feel "relationship"

2.Clarification of your goal

Goal: Write your goal of the year on the Daruma doll's back.
Purpose: Write the purpose of your life on the Daruma doll's bottom.

3.Appreciation time

Pray with the incense and have grateful feelings to everything around you.

4. Incense

Channel thanks into the smoke and let it soak into the Daruma doll.

5. Resolution to yourself

Swear that you will make effort without compromise for your goal, and paint in the right eye(on your left side).

6. Own efforts

You have to keep making an effort for your dream without ever forgetting my feelings of appreciation.

7. Completion(Accomplishing your goal)

If you achieve your goal, then paint in the left eye(on your right side).

8. Report

9. Dedication

fortune doll

There are a lot of Daruma dolls everywhere in Katsuo-ji.
Temple-goers place the dolls wherever they like.
Daruma fortune dolls are like a compass guiding you through your year.
You shouldn't fluctuate between hopes and fears, just understand your luck and spend everyday with thankful feelings.
There is a flow like seasons in your life. You will accept the words on the fortune for catching the flow.
You can keep the fortune doll at home, or leave it in Katsuo-ji.
We will burn the all fortune dolls in Katsuo-ji at the end of the year.

good luck charm

You can purchase many Daruma dolls. For yourself,
or as souvenirs for friends and family.

Winning Daruma
The Katsuo-ji monks pray for you to overcome any troubles like the Daruma doll does; 'Stumbling seven times but recovering eight'.
Daruma good luck charm
Used for good luck for tests, elections, sports, business.
Daruma bell
It has healing power and good luck.