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Founded in the 8th century, Katsuo-ji Temple has long been known as a "temple of victory" and a "temple of winning luck," and has been widely worshipped by farmers and merchants as well as the champions of the era, such as the Minamoto, Ashikaga, Toyotomi, and Tokugawa clans.
Today, the temple is crowded with worshippers from Japan and abroad who seek "winning luck" in all aspects of life, including work, business, examinations, illness, sports, arts, elections, interpersonal relationships, and romance.
Many visitors to Katsuo-ji Temple make a wish on the "Kachi-Daruma", which can only be received at Katsuo-ji Temple, with its distinctive design of a large "Kachi" written on the belly.
It is the custom at Katsuo-ji to put one eye in when making a wish, and when the wish is fulfilled, to put the other eye in and report it to the temple for dedication.

(Winning Daruma)

Katsuo-ji’s Daruma is not a wish-granting entity; by writing your wish and putting one eye in it, you are signing a self-commitment to “face yourself and overcome your weak heart.” Your wish will only come true if you spend each day with no regrets and do your best to achieve that wish.

Filling in the Eyes
of a Kachi-Daruma

  • 1.Select your winning Kachi-Daruma

    Choose a Kachi-Daruma that you feel particularly drawn to.

  • 2.Specify your goals

    [Immediate goal] Write the immediate goal you would like to achieve over the next year on the back of the Kachi-Daruma.
    [Overall goal] Write an overall life goal-from which the immediate goal stems - on the bottom of the Kachi-Daruma.

  • 3.Offer your thanks

    Take a few incense sticks, and focus your prayers on the people or things related to your goal.

  • 4.Bathe the Kachi-Daruma in incense

    Bathe the Kachi-Daruma in the smoke of the incense, which is now the transcended form of your prayers.

  • 5.Commit yourself to your goal(by filling in one eye)

    Vow that you will make no compromise and spare no effort in achieving your immediate goal, and then fill in the Kachi-Daruma's right eye(on your left when facing the Kachi-Daruma).

  • 6.Complete the Kachi-Daruma(by achieving your goal)

    After you have achieved your goal, fill in the Kachi-Daruma's left eye (on your right when facing the Kachi-Daruma) as proof of your achievement.

  • 7.Report your achievement and dedicate your Kachi-Daruma

    After reporting on your achievement at the main hall, and after offering your feelings of appreciation, dedicate your Kachi-Daruma to the temple by placing it on the special dedication shelf.

(Fortune Telling)

Based on the ancient Chinese system of divination, Katsuo-ji’s Daruma-Mikuji offers you 64 different words of guidance. We hope that you will decipher for yourself the true meaning of the words of the lottery and use them as a guideline to a better tomorrow.

How to make a

  • 1. Select one daruma while thinking of one thing you want to know.

  • 2. Each daruma has a mikuji written on it with words of guidance for you.

  • 3. Read the words of guidance and move forward to a better tomorrow.

  • 4. Daruma may be placed anywhere on the temple grounds or taken home.

Various ways to enjoy

  • Kachi-Daruma


  • Daruma-Mikuji


  • Daruma Stained Grass with Face cutout

    Daruma Stained Grass with Face cutout

  • Funny souvenirs

    Funny souvenirs

Opening Hours
(Admission ends 30 minutes before closing)

Weekdays 8:00am to 5:00pm
Saturday 8:00am to 6:00pm
Sundays and holidays 8:00am to 5:00pm

Admission Fees

High school students and above 500 Yen
Elementary and junior high
school students
400 Yen
Preschooler 100 Yen
Under 2 years old Free

Route Map

Access by train

  • From Around Osaka st.

  • From Shin-Osaka st.

  • From Kansai Airpot

  • From Osaka Airpot

Bus Timetable
(Hankyu Bus)

【Week Day】
To Katsuo-ji
Senri-chuo Minoh-Kayano St. Katsuo-ji
9:10 9:25 9:47
- 10:25 10:47
11:10 11:25 11:47
- 12:25 12:47
14:10 14:25 14:47
To Senri-chuo and Minoh-Kayano St.
Katsuo-ji Minoh-Kayano St. Senri-chuo
11:18 11:39 11:49
12:23 12:44 -
13:18 13:39 13:49
14:48 15:09 -
16:18 16:39 16:49
【Weekend and holidays】
To Katsuo-ji
Senri-chuo Minoh-Kayano St. Katsuo-ji
9:00 9:15 9:37
- 9:45 10:07
10:00 10:15 10:37
- 10:45 11:07
11:00 11:15 11:37
- 11:45 12:07
12:00 12:15 12:37
- 12:45 13:07
13:00 13:15 13:37
14:10 14:25 14:47
To Senri-chuo and Minoh-Kayano St.
Katsuo-ji Minoh-Kayano St. Senri-chuo
10:54 11:15 11:25
11:54 12:15 12:25
12:29 12:50 -
13:04 13:25 13:35
13:34 13:55 -
14:04 14:25 14:35
14:39 15:00 -
15:14 15:35 15:45
16:00 16:21 -
16:48 17:09 17:19
Bus fare

Katsuo-ji – Minoh-Kayano St. 400yen (adult)
Katsuo-ji – Senri-chuo 520yen (adult)

Sightseeing spots around Katsuo-ji

English Audio Guide

Introduction to Katsuo-ji

“Okou”or Incense

- The Human Tower
- The Fruit Tree
- Ritual


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